Glacier Chill manufacturers portable cooling solutions for a variety of sports and activities.  Using lightweight refillable cartridges, Glacier Chill provides prolonged cooling power in a package that weighs about the same as a sweat-soaked jersey. From  football to motorsports, Glacier Chill builds a lightweight system that improves comfort, safety, and performance.






Previous cooling solutions rely on bulky ice water reservoirs that are neither portable nor wearable. Sideline 'plug in' devices are not only bulky, but so expensive that they are generally limited to college level or professional athletes. Glacier Chill introduces a cartridge-based, portable cooling system meant to be worn during activity. This innovative solution brings safety and performance at a price point that is accessible to all athletes.


The CDC has identified hyperthermia as one of the critical risks associated with strenuous activity in high temperature environments. The rise in hyperthermia related deaths during sports training has driven nearly every state education agency to adopt stringent heat training protocols. Improve comfort and player safety with portable, wearable cooling solutions.


As body core temperatures rise, performance drops off. Glacier Chill's wearable cooling devices keep body core temperatures lower, not only providing a significant safety benefit, but also allowing athletes to train harder. Train smarter with Glacier Chill's cartridge-based cooling devices to get a competitive edge.


Glacier Chill’s lightest, most compact system is intended for use during football training, soccer, lacrosse, and other high intensity sports where lightness and portability are critical. With cartridges ranging from 400-800 ml, the Impact system delivers cooling charges for 10-15 minutes between cartridge changes.


Glacier Chill introduces the IMPACT line of wearable cooling solutions meant for football and other active sports (running, soccer, lacrosse etc.). The system is comprised of a compression shirt with integrated cooling bladders, pump, and power pack. Refillable ice cartridges slip into an integrated pocket in the shirt, to provide cooling charges that last 10-15 minutes. Simply plug in new cartridges to prolong cooling indefinitely.


Open wheel and kart racing drivers endure high temperatures in a physically and mentally demanding environment. Wrapped in 3 layer fire/abrasion suits and full face helmets, its no wonder that the heart rates of our test drivers exceeded 180 beats per minute! Improve focus and performance with the DRIVE miniaturized cooling solution designed to be mounted in the close confines of these vehicles.


At Glacier Chill, we understand that the need to be comfortable is not limited to the playing field. Improve your comfort level whether you are spectating on the sidelines or at work a customizable cooling system. Glacier Chill allows you to build your own COOL WORK system by mixing and matching shirt options and ice cartridges to build a solution that works best for your unique application.


Glacier Chill also builds a line of portable cooling systems for rehabilitative applications. Why cart a bulky cooler and pump to the office when you can have a portable system that fits inside a small fanny pack and weighs less than 5 lbs when filled with ice? Glacier Chill's REHAB systems for knee, shoulder and ankle provide wearable, cartridge based, active cooling solutions for post surgery or post injury.